All the Video Content Your Kickstarter Needs

Handcrafted by experts dedicated to empowering first-time product makers.

Need a video for your Kickstarter?

You might’ve run into the following. 

Too Expensive

Video is important but it shouldn't be your entire marketing budget.

Too Risky

Don't gamble on a team that's never done Kickstarter before.

Bad Service

Making your first launch video should be a fun experience, not a headache.

Sound familiar? I know the feeling.

Here's the thing.

If you’re a first-time product maker, finding someone to make your product video can be a huge headache.

Your choices are either big agencies outside your budget or solo videographers who’ve never done a Kickstarter before.

You’ve thought about DIY-ing it, but you don’t have the time. 

Plus, your launch video is only the start. Your page needs product images, GIFs, social media content–the list goes on and on. 

What if there was a way to get all the video content you need without sacrificing quality or overspending?

Say hello to the Campaign Video Kit.

The Campaign Video Kit gives you all the content your Kickstarter needs at an affordable price.

How It Works



Book a free consultation and we'll discuss if I'm the right fit for your product.



Mail us your product and I'll handle scriptwriting, planning, filming, and editing.



After 7-8 weeks, I'll deliver your completed Campaign Content Kit via Dropbox.

Every Kit Includes

Kickstarter Video

A 90-second explainer video that shows why people should back your product.

E-Commerce Video

For after Kickstarter, an edit of your video that's made for your website or Amazon page.

How-To Video

A 30-second video that teaches people how your product works.

Raw Footage

All the extra footage not in your final edit–great for social media.


Short 2-5 second cutouts from your video that get turned into animated images.

4K Video Stills

High-res video exports that give you crisp product images–without paying extra for photography.

Why Clients Choose Me

Full Attention

I work with only ONE client at a time, ensuring your projects gets top priority.


Compare my Kit to anyone–I'm confident you won't find a better value.


From pre-launch to post-launch, the Kit gives you content for every stage.


I'm a Kickstarter Trusted Expert with over 10 years of experience.

Download an example Kit and see for yourself.

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