Client Fit

Our Kickstarter script format works best with small products that have an easy-to-understand sales pitch. Our rule of thumb is if you can explain it without talking, it’s likely a good fit.

Most products that require an app, solve an abstract problem (e.g. mental wellness, fashion, art), or would require an expert on set to operate (e.g. 3D printers) aren’t a good fit for what we do. 

No, but our style of video and services are tailored for that use case. If you’re a larger company and like what we do, we’d be happy to work with you!


Our packages start at $7500. Please see our Pricing page for details.

We ask for a 45% deposit of the package cost to start. Halfway through the project (about 4 weeks) we ask for another 45% plus the Material costs. When your Kit is complete, we ask for the remaining 10%.

We do offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please book a meeting and we can discuss.


A healthy timeline for us is 7-8 weeks.

Sometimes we can depending on the project, but generally not. We standby the quality we deliver and unfortunately the process cannot be rushed.

The best time to book us is 2 months or earlier ahead of your Kickstarter launch. Please contact us for availability.

Remote Projects

We’re based in Duluth, Georgia, USA. 

Yes! We work with both local and out-of-state (even out-of-country) clients. If you can send us your product, we can make a Kit for you.

Since 2014, we’ve done work for clients from over 7 countries. Our most notable client is Unihertz, a China-based smartphone company. We’ve produced their past 5 Kickstarter videos–all done remotely. 

About Us

Agencies typically offer many solutions for many types of clients. We specialize in just one. This lets us be affordable for first-time product makers while still delivering agency-level work.

We’re a team of three.

We’re proud to have produced some of Kickstarter’s highest funded videos, including Revols, Kokoon, Vue Smartglasses, Mendi,  Nuzzle, Mindset, Nura, and Tandem Shower.

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